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Almut Höfert

Universität Zurich

Dean Bell

Spertus Institute

SRR/VRG Conference Leadership

Kathryn Edwards

         University of South Carolina
R. Ward Holder
         St. Anselm College
Susan Karant-Nunn
         University of Arizona
Thomas Kaufmann, Chair
         Universität Göttingen
Ute Lotz-Heumann
          University of Arizona
Emmet McLaughlin
          Villanova University
Karin Maag
          Calvin College
Beth Plummer
          Western Kentucky University
Matthias Pohlig
          Universität Münster
Anselm Schubert
          Universität Erlangen
David Whitford, Chair

          Baylor University


Gregory Miller

Malone University

Conference Description

Hasan Çolak

Universiteit Leiden

David Price

University of Illinois

Claire Norton

St. Mary's University

Plenary Speakers

The working hypothesis of this conference, jointly organized by the Verein für Reformationsgeschichte and the Society for Reformation Research to mark the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation in 2017, is that the establishment of internal distinctions within Christianity in the wake of the Reformation also altered the relationships and points of reference between Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The upcoming anniversary seems an auspicious moment, for both scholarly and political reasons, to undertake a closer examination of the topic of “Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the Reformation Era.” 

Margaret Meserve

​University of Notre Dame

Rebekka Voß

Universität Frankfurt

Sabine Ullmann

Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

Anselm Schubert
Universität Erlangen

Carina Johnson

Pitzer College

Stephen Burnett

​University of Nebraska

Nuremberg 2017

Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the Reformation Era

​Juden, Christen und Muslime im Zeitalter der Reformation 

18 - 21 July 2017